La Amura Restaurant

When the sea is present

The name of the Maremondo La Amura restaurant has its origin in sailing. The Amura (bow) is the part of the sides of a boat where they narrow to form the prow. There is, therefore, a port bow and a starboard bow.

It is also used to give directions and take references. “She receives the wind on her port bow” or “sailing ship seen on her starboard bow”.

Restaurant La Amura offers you a culinary experience that is both current and from another time. Where taste is the main character.

A place where you can smell, taste and look In short, to feel.

Enjoy the Cantabrian sea

If there is a reason why La Amura stands out, it is because of its splendid view of the Sardinero beach, an icon of the capital of Cantabria.

In La Amura the sea is present. You will caress it with your eyes. Its magnificent view will let your imagination fly and connect you with the history of the Cantabrian Sea.

The size of its windows offers a 180º view of the Cantabrian Sea, the Sardinero beach and a unique location such as the Piquío Gardens. A great viewpoint where the shade of its palms and the beauty of the tamarix trees give you an incomparable panoramic view of the coast of Santander.

In La Amura Restaurant we are aware of the importance of peace and quiet to have a fulfilling life. That’s why we offer you a culinary proposal based on the calm traditional cuisine, which respects the time required for each dish, yet taking advantage of the most avant-garde cooking techniques.

The Amura, where magic is possible

“You must always look at the sea. It is a mirror that does not know how to lie.” Yasmina Khadra

The welfare benefits of the sea are indisputable. The sights, the sounds of the waves, the way the light is reflected on the water generate a feeling of positivity and happiness.

At Restaurant La Amura you can enjoy an extensive seasonal menu, consisting of starters, fish, seafood, meat and our homemade desserts.

The variety of the menu, where you will find sweet and savoury proposals, will make you appreciate the Cantabrian Sea like never before.

We offer you a gastronomic proposal designed with an excellent local product, a careful elaboration and dishes that enhance the beauty of the preparation. We offer you the best ingredients and a careful cooking thought for the most demanding customers.

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