La Boîte Restaurant

La Boîte

Restaurant La Boîte is our gastrobar, our beach bar with direct access from the first beach of the Sardinero. It is a meeting place, a place to enjoy, in a privileged location in Santander.

La Boîte takes its name from its French homonym boîte, in English “box”. With time, its application was extended and currently refers to a discotheque or party room. A place to have a good time.

At La Boîte we bring you haute cuisine in a comfortable and fresh concept. Enjoy our famous rabas of the Cantabrian Sea (fried squid rings), Maremondo hamburgers, pizzas, paninis, salads and many more surprises. And thanks to our Take Away service, you can take it to the beach.

With a diverse menu, our Gastrobar offers you the best of both the sea and the land so that you can enjoy an incredible day at the beach.

Beachfront Charm

Freshness, style and a unique gastronomic concept is what you will find at La Boîte.

La Boîte is located at the foot of the first beach of the Sardinero. This gastrobar delights young and old, friends and families in a charming and modern space.

Both in the bar area and in the magnificent terrace you will find contemporary and elaborate dishes at very accessible prices, where the great protagonist is the local product.

Haute cuisine on the first beach of the Sardinero

The proposal of Restaurant La Boîte is fresh and current. It is ideal to enjoy a day of rest, the sea breeze, the sun and the clouds that the Cantabrian Sea provides.

With an execution typical of haute cuisine, we offer a wide variety of dishes and desserts that you will enjoy in an uninterrupted schedule from 12:00 to 21:00.

In the Restaurant La Boîte you will taste dishes that respect the properties of each product and in which we apply modern and traditional techniques. Because the raw material is always top quality.

Your days at the beach will never be the same again. Come to La Boîte and discover its charm by the sea.

The combination of a bar area cared for in detail and an outside terrace with incomparable views will make you forget that you are in a city. In La Boîte you will not only be able to see the navy blue of the horizon, but also the reflection of the moon on the sea at night.

At La Boîte Restaurant we want you to have a good time, to enjoy yourself. Because “the joy of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”. Marcus Aurelius.

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