Maremondo Restaurant

Maremondo Restaurant combines experience and natural environment in Santander. Knowledge and respect for the environment around us is essential in order to offer the best dishes.

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Maremondo Restaurant

Cafeteria & Terrace

La Amura Restaurant

La BoƮte Restaurant

The first restaurant in Cantabria.

Urban Air Purifier.

At Restaurante Maremondo we want to take care of you and our employees. That is why we are the first restaurant in Cantabria to install a UAP-VĀ® device.

In our installations we have two 400VD devices from the technological company Urban Air Purifier, which has adapted its equipment in a record time to the needs of the current health crisis caused by the expansion of the COVID-19.

Urban Air Purifier manufactures equipment for filtering and removing contaminants, particles and organisms from the air. Initially they were designed to combat pollution in cities, but given the emergency situation they saw the need to adapt their air filtration and sterilization system with the aim of attacking COVID-19 directly.

In addition, a passage with short wave UV-C lamps has been installed to sterilize the air and annul the activity of all those particles retained in the filters that may contain bacteria and viruses.

Restaurant in Santander.

One restaurant. Four spaces.

We associate each place with smells and flavours that we never forget. Santander smells of the sea and wet grass. It tastes of tradition and modernity.

To enjoy this variety, its sunsets and the gentle sea breeze, Maremondo Restaurant offers you the best of Santander.Ā 

We want to offer you a gastronomic experience that combines an unbeatable location on the Sardinero beach, with comfortable and elegant spaces and a varied offer that adapts to your needs at all times.

The Maremondo Restaurant has a large space of 500 square meters distributed in five rooms with unique views. It has a cafeteria and a large terrace where you can have the first coffee in the morning or the last drink of the night in a pleasant and quiet environment in a city as special as Santander.

If you are looking for something more informal, come to Restaurant La Amura. This is a space that offers you a gastronomic choice, either for lunch or dinner, with the best views of the Cantabrian Sea. In La Amura, a glass room that shines with its views, you can enjoy a seasonal menu.

But that’s not all. La BoĆ®te Restaurant is our beach bar with direct access to the first beach of El Sardinero, where you can choose your dishes and portions to take away or to drink right there.

Our cuisine is based on the richness of the Mediterranean diet, without forgetting the environment in which we are located, a unique city like Santander.

We want your experience to be memorable. We add flavour, the city does the rest.

In the Sardinero.

Maremondo Restaurant is part of the history of Santander.

On the building of the restaurant there is a tower transformed into a sculpture by the artist Roberto Orallo in the 80s, where you can see his work “The Mural of the Bathers”.

Maremondo Restaurant stands out for its location next to the Sardinero beach, which can be enjoyed through its large windows.

Versatility, avant-garde and Mediterranean cuisine are some of the words that define this gastronomic space.

The Maremondo Restaurant’s commitment is to choose the product with great care, to take care of every detail and to offer a unique customer experience.

Whether you come for breakfast, an aperitif, lunch, dinner or an evening drink, the Maremondo Restaurant adapts to your needs. You can also celebrate that event you’ve been imagining for so long: your wedding, a birthday, your children’s communion or a corporate meeting.

Come and enjoy an experience you will never forget.

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